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The CCC promotes increased AD of food waste

In its fifth statutory report to Parliament on progress towards meeting carbon budgets the Committee on Climate Change has suggested that: “…Further reductions in waste emissions could be supported through introduction of stronger levers, particularly targeting household food waste, which is likely to continue to be a major contributor to future landfill emissions. For example, households can be further encouraged to reduce waste arisings and increase recycling efforts. Local authorities can increase provision of separate food waste collection services, which can further unlock potential for producing energy through anaerobic digestion…”.

The European Target Consultation, the subject of a June 2013 article on the UKWIN website, includes consultation on food waste recycling targets. Furthermore, as detailed by UKWIN in January 2013 there is a general move by Europe for “the phasing-out, by the end of this decade, of incineration of recyclable and compostable waste”.

As UKWIN reported in May 2012 the chief executive of the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association has referrd to incineration as a “really worrying” threat to the move towards eparate food waste collection in the UK, a point taken up in various UKWIN consultation submissions such as UKWIN’s June 2013 Response to the Biomass Notification consultation.

The CCC’s Fifth Report document also states that: “The Government should also consider bans on major sources of biodegradable waste (e.g. food and textiles) from landfill on a case-by-case basis”. As UKWIN discussed in December 2012, the 140-page WRAP Landfill Bans: Feasibility Research report highlighted how focussing on solely on landfill diversion could result in material that should be reduced, reused, recycled or composted being incinerated instead, and how any requirement to pre-sort waste should be applied to all forms of residual waste treatment, including incineration, and not just landfill. The report also suggested that such requirements should be applied to businesses as well as to local authorities.

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