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Waste professional calls for more focus on the European Roadmap

Peter Jones (the Senior Consultant for Eunomia, not the director of Waste2Tricity) has drawn attention to the importance of the European Commission to the national waste discussion in a contribution to the Isonomia blog (‘Reading the resource roadmap’). Isonomia aims to “promote informed discussion of a diversity of views on waste and environment issues” by allowing waste industry professionals and others to provide their own opinions.

The blog article by Peter Jones covers many important issues such as the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe, comments of European Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potočnik and incineration overcapacity. Peter Jones also talks about the need to consider the prospects of incineration taxes, material-specific incineration bans and falling residual waste arisings as well as the impact of European policies on the potential demand for waste from countries which have incinerators that are being relied upon.

The importance of the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe, the notion that Europe is moving away from incineration, and comments from Potočnik have been highlighted by UKWIN, including in the articles: ‘European Environment Commissioner calls for incineration limits‘ (25 January 2013) and ‘GAIA Report on Zero Waste Conference at the European Parliament‘ (15 March 2013). Various notable comments from the European Commission and the European Parliament are also contained within the UKWIN Quote Bank.

Issues surrounding incineration overcapacity have been covered by UKWIN, including in the articles: ‘GAIA report highlights incineration threat to recycling‘ (21 January 2013), ‘Article on the case against building new incinerators in the UK for RDF‘ (22 October 2012 – which also relates to an Isonomia article) and ‘Incineration capacity rises as feedstock falls‘ (3 June 2013).

Issues surrounding incineration tax have been covered by UKWIN, including in the articles: Industry pro says incineration tax could be “irresistible” to Government (26 September 2012 – which also relates to an Isonomia article) and ‘UKWIN response to ESA critique of incineration taxes‘ (29 November 2012).

Those with an interest in making European waste policy more sustainable should take part in the European Targets Review consultation (which closes on the 10th of September 2013) and sign the GAIA petition calling for Commission to curb new incineration.

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