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HAGATI Research Funding Plea

Halton Action Group Against the Incinerator (HAGATI) have been co-operating with the Health Protection Agency & Lancaster University to commission a study on the downwind health effects of Incinerators.

According to HAGATI’s Alan Gorry:

It is hoped that this study will either validate the work of Michael Ryan, which has been rejected by the permitting authorities, or at the very least provide some re-assurance to all those who are so concerned with this important aspect of Incineration.

While the cost of the study is expected to be a very modest £10,000 this is beyond the means of HAGATI. However as the study will be something that will greatly benefit everyone throughout the UK where there are existing or proposed Incinerators, we are appealing for donations.

Download HAGATI’s fund-raising poster [PDF]

Read HAGATI’s submission to the Environment Agency

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