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This is legacy content from before the 2019 website relaunch and might not be up-to-date. Use the main navigation to find the latest information.

Potential, existing and prevented incinerators


UKWIN maintains an interactive map and a table of existing, potential and prevented municipal waste incinerators, as well as an archive of annual incinerator performance reports and case studies

CLICK HERE to view the map of potential, existing and prevented incinerator

CLICK HERE to view the table of potential, existing and prevented incinerator

CLICK HERE to view annual incinerator performance reports and permits

CLICK HERE to read case studies

Campaign Material (England)

This section contains resources that can be directly used in your campaigns. This includes examples, guides and other useful material. It is written specifically in relation to England, but might also be useful elsewhere.

CLICK HERE to find out about the Zero Waste pamphlet

CLICK HERE to access the quote bank

DOWNLOAD UKWIN guide to site-specific non-waste planning arguments (Updated June 2015)

DOWNLOAD guide to judicial review in the incinerator context, by Deighton Pierce Glynn Solicitors (Updated in August 2013 to take account of changes to the legal landscape)

Briefings and Consultation Submissions

This section of the UKWIN website provides an archive of useful documents that can be used either as they are or to inform new documents such as planning objections.

Consultations submissions include responses to waste strategies and Government consultations.

CLICK HERE to read briefings and reports

CLICK HERE to read consultation submissions


This section brings together a broad range of information related to incineration and to wider waste matters. Note that some of this information requires updating.

CLICK HERE to read Ecocycle’s report on the best disposal option for residual waste (external)

CLICK HERE to learn more about health issues related to incineration

CLICK HERE to learn more about the impact of incineration on climate change

CLICK HERE to learn more about Zero Waste

CLICK HERE to see the answers to some frequently asked questions

DOWNLOAD UKWIN gasification failures briefing (November 2016)

DOWNLOAD policy recommendations from Biofuelwatch and UKWIN (February 2016)

DOWNLOAD notes from the UKWIN AGM Positive Campaigning Workshop

DOWNLOAD UKWIN’s Emissions Dispersion Modelling Appraisal (Updated 2016)

National and International Organisations

Friends of the Earth (FoE)
Green Alternatives to Incineration in Scotland (GAINS)
Zero Waste Alliance UK (ZWA UK)
Zero Waste Europe
Zero Waste blog