Zero waste

The notion of Zero Waste is not new. Communities around the world has been experimenting with various approaches to sustainable waste management more than a decade before the UK Government announced its aspiration to achieve a “zero waste economy”.

Depiction of the Circular Economy from the European Environment Agency

Depiction of the Circular Economy from the European Environment Agency

The Zero Waste Charter, for example, was presented to Parliament on 18 June 2002. A copy of the Carter is available from the Zero Waste Alliance (ZWA UK) website.

The ZWA UK is dedicated to promoting sustainable waste management practices, including waste minimisation, minimisation of pollution and harm from waste, reuse of waste, recycling of waste, waste recovery activities and recovery of pollutants from contaminated land in accordance with Waste Strategy for England 2007.

In 2006 the UK Government held a consultation on its waste strategy. ZWA UK consulted widely and produced a Declaration entitled “UK National Policy – A Bridge Half Built“.

UKWIN Trustee Tom Hellberg has adapted a presentation on zero waste that he has delivered many times.
Read Tom’s zero waste piece.

If you would like to join Zero Waste Alliance UK, please complete an application form available from

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