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UKWIN nominated for ‘Hot 100’ award

UKWIN’s National Coordinator Shlomo Dowen is one of several ‘anti-incineration’ and ‘pro Zero Waste’ nominees for Resource Magazine’s Hot 100 award.

For details on the nominees and instructions for voting please visit or vote for Shlomo directly via

NOTE: You are entitled to vote for multiple nominees, you just need to vote for one at a time.

Please support UKWIN by voting for Shlomo Dowen!

A couple of UKWIN’s recent activities:

  • UKWIN has been running its ‘Bin the Burners’ campaign calling on the Government to ban new incinerators. On the 22nd of November MP John Grogan and a host of cross-bench co-sponsors tabled Early Day Motion 581 which calls for a moratorium on new waste incineration capacity. Since then a number of additional MPs have signed, and if your MP has not done so yet then you could write them a letter. For details on how to support this campaign (including a ‘write to your MP’ service, complete with template e-mail message) please visit:
  • On Thursday the 7th of December Shlomo gave evidence to the London Assembly about problems with waste incineration. UKWIN’s written evidence is available from

Of course, UKWIN also continues to:

If you would like to support UKWIN’s work with a donation, please visit:

One thought on “UKWIN nominated for ‘Hot 100’ award

  1. B.holyoak

    Green belt and farm land is disappearing too quickly and should never be replaced with large company’s money making monstrosity’s like incinerators.

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