The United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) was founded in March 2007 with the support of Friends of the Earth and The Ecology Trust.

UKWIN relies on a large number of volunteers to help more than 100 local groups develop the case against waste incineration and positively engage with the planning system. At a national level UKWIN has helped to bring about a UK‐wide movement for sustainable waste management. See Why Oppose Page for arguments against waste incineration.

UKWIN works tirelessly to bring about greater “Environmental Justice”, addressing the large difference in resources available to would-be developers and to local communities and grassroots environmental campaign groups.

Our strength comes through our supporters and member groups. UKWIN also relies on grants from charitable trusts. To remain active and independent, UKWIN needs to develop our funding base, with both regular and occasional donations from supporters.


Payments can be made by bank transfer to the UKWIN account (Sort code 08-92-99, Account number 65276853) or by cheque made payable to: UKWIN and posted to: UKWIN Membership c/o Shlomo Dowen 25 The Birchlands, Forest Town, MANSFIELD NG19 0ER.

Alternatively, payments can be made via PayPal by clicking the button below:

To help us keep track of who has contributed what, please accompany any contribution with an e-mail message or note. Bank transfers usually include a “reference” facility that can be used to identify the sender. In either case, please do send an email message or written note for our records (unless of course you wish for it to be an anonymous donation).

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