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Incineration Tax Letter – Sign and send

UKWIN has produced a letter calling for the Treasury to introduce an incineration tax. Please print and send a copy to the Chancellor and your local MP, and spread the word. The letter to sign and send is available from:

Please also sign the Incineration Tax Petition.

UKWIN Circular to Members regarding this letter:

Reform of the landfill tax to incorporate other forms of residual waste treatment

Dear Member

UKWIN exists to fight waste incineration and to support members who are engaged in campaigns against incinerators.

Our campaign to change Government policy focuses not only waste incinerators themselves but extends to many other facets of Government policy and regulation – much of it based on EU Directives – that either directly or indirectly support incineration. These facets include PFI and the packaging waste regulations, but there are many others.

One of the other facets is the landfill tax and the way in which, under present arrangements, it acts as an incentive for waste companies, instead of landfilling residual waste, to incinerate it rather than recycle it.

We need to persuade the Chancellor, George Osborne, to alter the present arrangements such that the Landfill Tax is extended to become a waste processing tax incorporating other forms of unsustainable residual waste treatment, notably incineration.

To this end, we have drafted the attached letter and may I ask you, after printing and reading it, to add the date and your address (and contact details if you are happy to), sign and then send it to the Chancellor and post a copy to your MP.

The Chancellor’s address appears at the head of the letter. I should be grateful if you could let Shlomo Dowen know, by email, at once you have posted the letter.

You may feel that there is more that we could have added to the letter; that is quite true, but we wanted to keep it brief, concise and strictly to the point.

We will be following up with the Treasury and I will let you know how we get on.

With my best regards,

Tim Hill (Chair, UKWIN)

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