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Allington protest by Stop Incineration Now! and UKWIN members

Accompanied by numerous police officers, members of UKWIN joined Stop Incineration Now! protesters in a wreath laying ceremony in front of Allington incinerator, near Maidstone, on Saturday 2nd August 2008.

UKWIN members support the Stop Incineration Now! action in Allington Immy, five, with the wreath created by the Stop Incineration Now Network. Picture by John WesthropAllington - Climate Camp Caravan 2 August 2008

The action, part of this year’s Medway Climate Camp, received press coverage (as well as police attention). The Kent Messenger report quotes Stuart Jeffery, from the Maidstone Green Party, one of those at the wreath laying ceremony, who said:

While the direct emissions from Allington are likely to be lower than those from older incinerators, dangerous chemicals are still produced by incineration and they still need disposal. Fly ash and grate ash from incineration give rise to major concerns regarding health and although it is generally sent to landfill, some will still find its way into the air.

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