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Veolia loses out in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire County Council announced today (Tuesday 5th August 2008) that Veolia Environmental Services has been dropped from the Council’s procurement process. According to Buckinghamshire County Council’s press release: “Although the Veolia Environmental Services solution will no longer be part of the County Council’s EfW procurement process, a portion of its landfill site at Wapseys Wood near Gerrards Cross could still remain as a proposed Strategic Waste Complex for commercial waste recovery in the emerging Minerals and Waste Core Strategy”.

Covanta Energy and Waste Recycling Group (WRG) are still in the running. Both of these bidders are proposing to build a new incinerator, with WRG proposing an incinerator on their landfill site at
Calvert, while Covanta Energy’s solution will be based outside of Buckinghamshire. Buckinghamshire County Council are refusing to name the site “for reasons of commercial confidentiality”. The ‘preferred bidder’ is expected to be announced later this year, or early in 2009.

“Any proposals by the county to develop an Energy from Waste facility for household waste must be guided by and fit with the Minerals and Waste Core Strategy – when it is approved.” Further information is available from Buckinghamshire County Council’s website.

A press release from UKWIN members Buckinghamshire Residents Against Incinerators (BRAINS) gives local campaigners’ reaction:

BRAINS welcomes the news that the Wapseys Wood site, and we assume Springfield Farm, the designated reserve site, will not be used for a BCC funded waste incinerator. This will be a great relief to the residents of Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross and the surrounding villages. However,we remain deeply concerned that BCC is intent on adopting incineration as its preferred waste disposal process. It is a technology that is inflexible, costly and polluting and is far from the best option to deal with Buckinghamshire’s waste.

The news applies only to the Waste Procurement Project and not to BCC’s Waste Strategy, which implies that privately funded incinerators could still be proposed on the Wapseys Wood site. BRAINS would vigorously oppose any move in this direction. The BCC announcement gets just one cheer from us.

One thought on “Veolia loses out in Buckinghamshire

  1. Peter Hurrell

    This web site is a vast improvement on previous ones.

    Under the Freedom of Information Act surely a Waste Authority Must inform the Public and the Council Charge Payers how the Capital Costs and the Through-Life Costs of such a Multi-hundreds of millions £ decision (and often a Multi-billion £ decision) relating to such a programme is being withheld from them. Is UK-WIN on board with attempting to uncover these facts?

    It was only recently that the determination of the PFI – Credit system was fully disclosed and this apparent iniquitous subsidy from the Central Government Tax Payer to the Local Government Council Charge Payer was shown up to be a farce.

    Your comments please.

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