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The Network

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Founded in March 2007, UKWIN’s role is to help individuals and groups to develop the case against incineration, and in doing so support the UK-wide movement in favour of more sustainable waste management.

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Membership Policy

There are two classes of membership of the UK Without Incineration Network Group Membership and Individual Membership. Only those who are aligned with the goal of a United Kingdom without incineration are eligible for membership of UKWIN.


Joining the UK’s biggest anti-incineration network can give your campaign a real boost and strengthen the network. Group Membership confers full voting rights Individual Membership confers access to all the benefits of UKWIN, but does not carry any voting rights.

The Groups

There are many groups opposing incineration in the UK, including more then 80 who are active members of the UK Without Incineration Network.

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UK Without Incineration Network

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UKWIN is an independent organisation representing a network of groups opposing the expansion of waste incineration in the UK. The aim of the Network is to provide information and act as a coordinating focus for local community groups and members of the public who are campaigning against the building of incinerators or facilities to produce Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) or Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) in the UK.

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