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Consultation Submissions

This is legacy content from before the 2019 website relaunch and might not be up-to-date. Use the main navigation to find the latest information.

UKWIN is collecting and archiving waste consultation submissions in order to provide members with ideas, arguments and sources to draw upon for their own local waste consultation responses.

National and European Consultations

EFRACOM Inquiry into Waste Management in England

NAO Investigation into DEFRA’s oversight of PFI waste projects

Government consultation on Judicial Review: proposals for further reform

Government consultation on UK Aarhus National Implementation Report 2013

European Commission 2013 Public Consultation on the Green Paper on Plastic Waste

Government 2013 consultation on a notification process for new build dedicated biomass projects

Environmental Audit Committee, Autumn Statement 2012: Environmental Issues

Treasury PFI Reform Call for Evidence

DCLG’s informal consultation on the Weekly Collections Support Scheme

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) review, 2011

The various consultation responses to Defra’s 2010 Call for Evidence to inform their review of waste policies could also be helpful as they contain referenced arguments against incineration and in favour of more sustainable waste management:

And for a slightly different perspective:

Starting on Tuesday 14th June 2011 Defra released a series of documents as part of their Waste Review.

The following documents were released by Defra in June 2011:

UKWIN has produced a briefing on the Government’s waste review and associated documents and produced a 2-page initial response.

Sub-Regional Consultations

Nottinghamshire and Nottingham Waste Core Strategy Proposed Submission Document Consultation (April 2012)

Hertfordshire Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy consultation (November 2011)

Nottinghamshire and Nottingham Waste Core Strategy (Further Issues and Options Consultation September 2010)

Essex County Council and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Waste Strategy Development Document (Issues and Options Consultation October 2010)

Gloucestershire County Council’s Strategic review of the Residual Waste PFI Project

UKWIN Submissions to Environmental Permit Applications

Incinerators require an Environmental Permit from the relevant regulator in order to operate. The consideration of such applications is especially important for experimental technologies such as gasification and pyrolysis, and where a facility is prosed on or near a particularly sensitive location.
Clean Power Property’s Washwood Heath Environmental Permit Application (EPR/RP3132ND/A001)

Local Planning Objections / Proofs of Evidence

While every incinerator proposal is different, there is value in seeing what arguments others have made and how they have framed them. Below are links to planning objections and public inquiry submissions where the local group are happy for their work to be used to inform others working for a United Kingdom without incineration.
Planning Application Objections