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UKWIN publishes briefing on gasification failures

The United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) has today published a briefing entitled “Gasification Failures in the UK: Bankruptcies and Abandonment”. This seven-page document draws upon published material to highlight how risky an investment these technologies have proved to be.

Gasification and pyrolysis, both forms of waste incineration euphemistically known as ‘Advanced Thermal Treatment’, constitute some of the riskiest and most unreliable technologies in the waste industry and are associated with scores of bankruptcies, failures and broken promises.

UKWIN’s latest briefing provides information about more than a dozen examples of gasification failures, including the high-profile situation where industrial gasses giant Air Products wrote off a billion dollars of squandered investment in their Tees Valley plasma-arc gasification plants because even after years of effort they could not get the technology to work.

Shlomo Dowen, National Coordinator of UKWIN, comments: “Promoters of gasification and pyrolysis schemes often cite existing and past projects to bolster support for their new proposals, but don’t like to mention that those other projects were actually embarrassing failures. Gasification and pyrolysis is an expensive misstep when it comes to waste management, because even if someone ever manages to get the ill-fated technology to work it would still have all of the problems of more conventional waste incineration. As with all forms of incineration, these technologies would result in shocking levels of CO2 being released and would rely upon destroying valuable material that should be recycled, composted or re-used”.

UKWIN is a network of around 100 campaign groups opposing waste incineration. This breadth of involvement with the waste industry provides the organisation with an overview of the gasification and pyrolysis sector as well as intimate and detailed knowledge of numerous incineration proposals and waste companies.

The gasification failure briefing is available from:

One thought on “UKWIN publishes briefing on gasification failures

  1. Raylene Nagy

    Hello, my name is Raylene and I live in Central Victoria in Australia. Our council is pushing for a gasification plant to be built near residential areas. Just wondering if you have anything that we can use to help our cause and have the planning permit rejected? The people applying for the permit have had 5 public consultation meetings and at each the information has changed. One minute it’s modeled on a Swedish plant, then in the next breath they are telling us that it is a pilot project and different from the Swedish model, first there will be 10 jobs then it steadily rose to 30 jobs. Then they told us about the time they visited the Swedish plant and it was automated. Here in Australia we have very different weather conditions than those in the northern hemisphere. If you have anything – knowledge is the thing, so we can have a chance to put forward a good argument as to why the permit and whole project should be shelved. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I wait for a reply. Regards Raylene Nagy, Carisbrook, Victoria, Australia.

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