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Jeremy Irons encourages world to oppose local incinerator proposals

In Trashed, an environmental documentary, Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons explores the world’s most environmentally polluted places to reveal the extent our rubbish is affecting us and our planet. In a recent Guardian interview, Jeremy asked viewers to research whether there is an incinerator proposed for their area “and, if there is, to oppose it”.

Trashed: No Place for Waste is a Blenheim Films production feature documentary, directed by Candida Brady, that received a Special Screening at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and various awards including the Toyota Earth Grand Prix Special Jury prize.

In response to the question, “What do you want people to do once they’ve seen the film?”, Jeremy Irons says:

I would like them to research whether there is a waste-to-energy plant [incinerator] planned for their area, and, if there is, to oppose it. If there is not, then to discover how their local council deals with their waste…I would like them to use their ingenuity to discover how they can reduce waste both at home and in their workplace…And I would like them to tell their friends to see Trashed.

Candida Brady spent over two years researching and filming Trashed, speaking with some of the leading lights in the world of zero waste / anti-incineration campaigning. Candida is quoted as saying: “As a lifelong asthmatic I have always been interested in the effects of pollution. But it was meeting an environmental doctor (who saved my life) that opened my eyes to the direct effects the environment has on our health“.

The official Trashed website explains how “having faced the worst through much of Trashed, Jeremy Irons turns to hope. He goes in search of solutions. From individuals who have changed their lives and produce almost no waste, to increasing anti-waste legislation, to an entire city that is now virtually waste-free, he discovers that change is not only essential, but happening”.

The film is described as a visually and emotionally powerful film that manages to be both horrific and beautiful. Jeremy takes the viewer on a journey to explore the risks to the food chain and the environment through the pollution of our air, land and sea by household trash.

This is a wake up call but a positive one. It ends on a message of hope – we can all do something and stop the problem. The film has already garnered a considerable worldwide grassroots following with the trailer already viewed over one million times. Trashed will qualify for Academy Award consideration with a wider, global theatrical release to follow in 2013. It features a soundtrack composed and performed by another Academy Award Winner, Vangelis.

The film is not currently available for purchase, but you can register you interest at: 

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