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2011/12 English LA Waste Stats

Following on from the Q3 stats released in August, the latest National Statistics Release covers 2011/12.

Some statistics:

  • “In 2011/12, 43 per cent of household waste was recycled.”
  • “Household waste generation was 22.9 million tonnes, continuing the year on year fall seen since 2007/8. This amounts to 431kg of waste per person.”
  • “Local Authorities recycled, composted or reused 10.7 million tonnes of the waste they collected. This amounted to more than was landfilled for the first time since records began, although an increase in incineration may have partly accounted for the change in landfill.”
  • Total waste collected by Local Authorities is down 3% (2.4% drop in household and 8.2% in non-household).
  • Total Local Authority waste landfilled dropped to 9,568,847 tonnes (as tonnage down 16% on 10/11).

It is well worth checking out how your own Local Authority and region are performing. Interestingly, at Page 4 of the Defra Statistical Release it is stated that:

At Local Authority level, individual recycling rates ranged from 14 per cent to 69 per cent…lower rates could result from an authority focusing on avoiding landfill by investing in incineration and targeting its waste management policies on that treatment solution, rather than poor recycling awareness or initiatives.

Coverage in the trade press:

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