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Pickles calls in King’s Lynn incinerator

The planning application for the highly controversial King’s Lynn incinerator has been called-in by the Secretary of State for his consideration and will therefore go to a public inquiry.

According to the letter:

“The Secretary of State’s policy is to be very selective about calling in planning applications. He will, in general, only take this step if planning issues of more than local importance are involved. Having regard to this policy, the Secretary of State is of the opinion that the application is one that he ought to decide himself because he considers that the proposal concerns matters that are of substantial regional and national controversy. The Secretary of State accordingly directs, under his powers in section 77 of the 1990 Act, that the application shall be referred to him instead of being dealt with by the Local Planning Authority…

On the information so far available to the Secretary of State, the matters which he particularly wishes to be informed about for the purposes of his consideration of the application are its consistency with the development plan for the area; its conformity with policies contained in the Planning Policy Statement 10: Planning for Sustainable Waste Management, and in the National Planning Policy Framework; how it relates to the emerging Norfolk Waste Site Allocation DPD, and any other matters the Inspector considers relevant.”

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