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Crodyon/Sutton campaigners march and lay wreath of rubbish

Campaigners against Viridor’s proposal for a 275,000 tonne incinerator at Beddington Lane on the Croydon/Sutton border, including members of UKWIN member group Stop The (South London) Incinerator, recently laid a wreath of rubbish “as a symbol to the death of democracy” and more than one hundred took part in a march.

For more details see the following local press reports:

One thought on “Crodyon/Sutton campaigners march and lay wreath of rubbish

  1. Dr.S.Prokop

    The manipulation of air quality data by local councils planning to agree new-build incineration has reached a new low. Beddington Lane is a long road lorries to the landfill site use now, and build and incinerator lorries will use in the future. It is crossed by a tram, with side roads that are quiet.Its pollution levels ( measured by the tram crossing site [A]),before recent increases in traffic, merited an AQMA designation.Here is the sequence of events:
    1.use a glue lorry to reduce measurements at A
    2.close A completely and replace it by a side road “industrial” monitor 100 ft from the lorry road..but keep the names the same.
    3.The air is now “clean”,and the extra incinerator traffic will not now be counted by anyone.

    Letter to the local paper:

    Closing Troublesome Monitoring Stations

    Dear Sir,
    If you can’t get the air cleaner you can close the station that counts how dirty it is ! Sutton Council has a habit of closing air quality monitoring stations that are giving the “wrong” results.The last one they “disappeared” was just outside the playground of Robin Hood Primary school, next to the £600,000 bus stop !
    Not satisfied with importing a lorry that has been described as a “public health fraud on an industrial scale” to glue some of the particles to the road, it has just closed the station whose readings meant that Beddington Lane had to be declared an air quality management area…..just before incinerator plans blossom and traffic increases still more.
    Recent reports have shown that new regulations have increased the number of “high” readings near waste transfer stations, and the weight of traffic around the site will increase with build and waste delivery.So the powers that be have closed the tram crossing site in Beddington Lane,that would count the lorries and opened a new one, 100 ft from the road in a quiet bit of Prologis Park. Just putting a bus lane between traffic in Marylebone Road and the monitor dropped the readings dramatically in that hotspot,so expect “clean air” in Beddington Lane from now on. How low can you get ! ?

    Does anyone know if there is a body to which I can write an official complaint?

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