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UKWIN Annotated Version of the NPPF

UKWIN has annotated and higlighted the National Planning Policy Framework to help those dealing with incinerator planning applications. You should be able to click on some of the highlighted passages for comments – if you cannot, e.g. because you are viewing the document in Google Chrome, then please download the ZIP version. It is intended that this document will be updated from time to time, so feel free to suggest improvements and check the briefings page for the latest version.

DOWNLOAD The NPPF with UKWIN annotations in PDF format (April 2012)

DOWNLOAD The NPPF with UKWIN annotations in ZIP/PDF format (April 2012) [CHROME]

One thought on “UKWIN Annotated Version of the NPPF

  1. Dr.S.Prokop

    As incinerator developers are being driven into a cul de sac by the growing national understanding of air pollution (London’s in particular),they are saying that incinerators “contribute a small amount in the context”.They like to omit the gaseuos discharges altogether.They omit that created by the lorries in and out.What research are they basing “small” on? Paris research suggests that it is not small….any help?
    please see excellent short presentation….(I am not a salesman!) but get the gizmo:

    There is a long tail of nanos which it measures.They probably carry much,if not all, the toxicity (LA mice).See the extent of this unmeasured and under reported problem:

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