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An IBA document that is worth a read!

The Environment Agency (EA) got more than they were expecting as part of their Environmental permit consultation regarding the Devonport incineratorm proposal.

On 31st January 2012 the EA’s Permitting Officer, together with the EA’s Lord Smith (Chairman of the Board), Dr Paul Leinster (Chief Executive) and Chris Howes (Head of Performance and Engagement), and others received a 56-page representation, with a special focus on incinerator bottom ash.

Download the Incinerator Bottom Ash document

The impressive document was produced by Neil Smith, Chair of the Buckfastleigh Community Forum, and is described by UKWIN Chair Tim Hill as:

The best collection of evidence reagrding incinerator bottom ash that I have seen to date.

According to Mr Smith:

The evidence we’ve gathered has implications for national policy that are serious enough to call to the attention of the Environment Agency’s Board of Directors. We believe that there is a legal basis to require public clarification of the issues raised before any new incinerator permits can be issued.

The document addresses several broad points, including:

  • Misleading and erroneous claims that “bottom ash is inert”;
  • Conflict between political and commercial expediency and the precautionary principle;
  • Sampling and testing protocols of bottom ash;
  • Hazardous status of bottom ash and ecotoxicity;
  • Hazardous properties and exploding aggregate;
  • Bottom ash leachate and risks of re-use;
  • Heterogeneity and unnecessary pollution of waste streams; and
  • The dangers associated with intermediate storage of bottom ash

If today you read only one 56-page document about incinerator bottom ash, let it be this one! Download the Incinerator Bottom Ash document


  1. Mick Bee

    Stunning and timely document which will be useful to many campaigns. Many thanks, Neil Smith.

    Note – Here in Herts Veolia have added an MPT line to their New Barnfield plan that will “recover recyclable materials from the incoming waste prior to the combustion of nonrecyclable,
    residual waste”. They claim it will recycle an additional 28,000tpa (out of 350,000t !). They also claim that it will, at a stroke, improve our municipal recycling rate by 3% – from 49% (260,000t from total 540,000t) to a massive 52% (I know the sums don’t work!).

  2. Simon Rines

    Just to let you know that Buckfastleigh, the town that Neil Smith is campaigning in went to the polls on Thursday 1 March. The official Parish Poll asked the residents if they wanted the IBA plant in their town. On a very high turnout of 49.76%, 95% said NO!

    Great news and hopefully enough to get this kicked out!

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