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Global Day of Action Against Incineration set for Friday 30th September 2011

Are you concerned about climate change, resource depletion or pollution? If your reply to any of these is: “Yes” then please help us fight waste incineration by joining with other campaigners around the world on or around 30th September to promote zero waste and support the GAIA Global Day of Action (GDA).

GAIA's 2011 Global Day of Action poster
GAIA's 2011 Global Day of Action poster

Are time and resources in short supply? Is it difficult to get a group of people together all on the same day? Here is a tried and tested idea from UKWIN’s GDA organiser Neil Pitcairn that even a group of one can do: make a floral tribute to the victims of waste incineration and leave it at the gates of your nearest operating or planned incinerator.

See the UKWIN map for details of municiapl incineratorts near you.

People are already suffering and dying as a direct result of climate change. Depleting the world’s natural resources and carelessly discarding and squandering those resources also kills and destroys the livelihoods of many people, particularly those in the developing world. Waste incineration contributes to climate change and encourages wasteful lifestyles. Incineration is also linked to insidious damage of the health of humans, fauna and flora in the vicinity.

Neil explains:

Your tribute could be a single flower in jam jar, a bouquet or a wreath. You can tie it to a tree or a fence; you can lay it with ceremony or hurriedly, openly or shyly, even anonymously if you so wish. A wreath can cost you nothing to make. Hazel stems can be bent and tied in a circle with garden twine. Straight stems across the centre will help it keep its shape. There are still flowers in the hedgerows if you pick them sustainably, and they can be tied to wreath. An ‘In Remembrance’ card will tell passers-by and staff about the victims of incineration.

See the wreath and tribute which was left in 2008 at the gates of the Allington incinerator in Kent.

What’s good about this idea? It’s easy for an individual or a group. It is non-violent, non-threatening and non-invasive. It’s inexpensive. If enough people do it around the country it will attract the attention of policy formers and waste companies. It will get the curious thinking and wanting to find out more. It may shame the complacent into action.

Good things to do for maximum impact:
• Take a digital camera with you and photograph your tribute / event.
• Tell us at UKWIN what you have done and send us a photo. We’ll make a photo gallery and keep a tally of what’s happening around the country.
• Tell your local press and send them a photo. Some ideas for a press release are available to download.

Don’t worry if your tribute is a bit late. Every single one will help.


  1. Barbara Dyer

    I will definitely be there to make a tribute. I used to think that at least burning our waste and using the heat from the waste to warm our homes was a way forward because at least there was a use for our waste BUT I now see that this is not what happens they don’t care about utilising the heat, it is all about money and the payment that is received from Councils to ‘get rid’ of waste. Will we never learn, we have to change the way we think. An example I have in mind is that in Plymouth we have a massive building project – it is an ultra-modern sports centre called the ‘Life Centre’ it is totally up to the minute, a fantastic achievement for the City and yet again we miss an opportunity,… a huge roof and no solar panels! what can I say! I believe every and I mean every building that is built from this day on should have solar panels, how clever are we, we can land on the moon but we can’t put panels on our roofs to capture and use the sun’s rays….they are free! Come on business see the opportunity….there’s money in it! Barbara Dyer

  2. Michelle Hughes

    I have come to this late but would like to congratulate you for a brilliant and simple idea. I am working on a project to raise awareness of the harm that could be done to the environment and all forms of life in a developing country. There is limited money but something like leaving flowers would have such an impact and even the faint-hearted could be convinced to do this! I hope you do not mind me stealing your idea when the awareness campaign begins!
    p.s. saw your link on FoE website.
    p.p.s keep up the good work

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