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Paul Connett in Kings Lynn

A last minute cancellation in his speaker dates has meant that Professor Paul Connett, one of the world’s leading experts in waste management, is coming to Kings Lynn tomorrow (Friday 14th May) to give a talk regarding the incinerator planned for Kings Lynn, and Zero Waste which offers a viable and sustainable alternative.

Dr. Paul Connett is a graduate of Cambridge University and holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from Dartmouth College. Since 1983 he taught chemistry at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY where he specialized in Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology. He retired in May 2006. Over the past 25 years his research on waste management has taken him to 49 states in the US, and 52 other countries, where he has given over 2000 pro bono public presentations.

Ralph Nader said of Paul Connett:

He is the only person I know who can make waste interesting.

[Ralph Nader has obviously yet to meet Keith Kondakor or Alan Watson – Editor]

The talk is free and open to everyone.

It is hoped that some of those councillors who are proposing and supporting the incinerator will make themselves available to attend the talk. It will be at the NORA offices 6:30pm for a 7pm start, ’til 9pm Friday 14th May. The NORA offices are on the South Gate roundabout. There is a small car park on site.

Please pass this message on to others who you think will be interested. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear an independent expert’s view of the incinerator.

Place: NORA Project Office, off Wisbech Road, King’s Lynn, PE30 5BE.
Time: Friday May 14th 2010 – 6.30 for 7pm start.
Admission: Free.

In response to Cllr Ann Stewart’s letter to the Lynn News, Transition King’s Lynn and King’s Lynn Without Incineration would like to give the people of King’s Lynn the opportunity to hear an expert opinion on the appropriate solution to our waste problem.

Internationally recognised adviser Prof Paul Connett is to visit King’s Lynn to advise local people on the best way to deal with waste in the 21st Century. Prof Connett, who addressed the UN on 5 May 2010 and is also scheduled to talk to Defra while in the UK, will be speaking at the NORA Project Office on 14th May to set out his vision and practical realities on how we move to Zero Waste. Prof Connett’s views will be key to challenging the County Council’s desire to progress with the controversial waste incinerator under consideration at Willows Business Park, Saddlebow, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE34 3RD.

Prof Paul Connett said:

I want to talk positively about how we can move to using waste as a resource rather than treating it as a problem.

In his talk Prof Connett will first consider the “big picture” and discuss the crucial importance of sustainability. He will define the linear society and then examine how the various waste management practices mitigate or do not mitigate the impacts of the linear society. He will briefly spell out why neither landfills nor incinerators are sustainable and summarize some of the other arguments against incineration. He will then discuss the Zero Waste 2020 strategy, the only strategy that gives any hope of moving towards sustainability, and then describe the 10 basic steps to achieve this, culminating with the crucial need for research and pressure for better industrial design of the products and packaging which currently end up as residual waste. He will then describe some of the successful initiatives around the world moving towards Zero Waste. Diversion rates range from 86% in some small communities to over 70% in some large cities. Finally, he will return to the big picture and discuss how on an individual and community level we can fight over-consumption, the prime cause of our current lack of sustainability.


  1. Rob Whittle, NAIL2

    Paul Connett was at his fantastic best at Kings Lynn. KLWIN is a very worthy campaign to get involved in and I wish them every success. Excellent questions raised. Linda/myself videoed his really interesting presentation; all 90 minutes, with new slides..and hope to circulate to KLWIN group/ Shlomo/ other groups as required.

    Personally transporting 70,000-90,000Tpa of Norwich’s residual waste 45 miles along the A47 to KL is totally unsustainable; as is the incinerator technology proposed for Contract B/Saddlebow. Its a 25yr nightmare!

    Paul’s arguments about why Norfolk can’t invest in recovering 70-80% are compelling.

    Well done Paul, and real thanks!

  2. donne

    I have been watching Peterborough City Council’s plans for a waste incinerator about a mile from my home. In the process I have learned a few things about the pollution they cause. The component of the emissions that bothers me most is dioxin. This is the principle part of all plastic materials, and also of Agent Orange, sprayed by USA on the forests of Viet Nam to destroy them and is still killing hundreds of thousands of Viet Namese.

    It is practically indestructible by burning or burying. Geologists say that it will be one of the few surviving substances to survive in the layers of the earth of these times that will identify them to any future geologists. Plastics cannot be separated from modern domestic or commercial waste, so anyone living within 50 miles of an incinerator be subject to deadly toxins, as will all other living
    things. The authorities ignore this science at their peril and unfortunately ours, too.

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