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Do no harm?

Food Standards Agency: Harm from incinerators not ruled out.

In an e-mail message passed to UKWIN we read:

From: Mortimer, David
Cc: Chris James EA ; David Mudge EA ; Kevin Baker ; Justin McCracken ; Judy Proctor EA
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2010 3:51 PM
Subject: RE: Reiterate question on proof of evidence of no harm from incinerators


Unfortunately, it would not be possible to generate evidence of the type you seek.

On the other hand, there is no evidence that a properly regulated incinerator, abated in line with current regulation, will have an adverse impact on food production. If I considered there to be a risk to local food production, I would have recommended additional monitoring. I do not think this is necessary but I have offered to advise on a suitable programme if others wish it.

Otherwise, I do not have anything further to add to the comments I provided you with on 21 January.

David Mortimer
Senior Scientific Officer, Environmental Contaminants
Food Safety: Contaminants Division
Food Standards Agency

The request for information to which he refers as being unanswerable was as follows:

As you all keep insisting that incinerators do not harm any living thing, and they are quite safe.

So you must have the proof of evidence of what you are stating. With your insistence that incinerators do no harm to any living thing, then we wish to see the evidence that you must have, on how incinerators which have been up and running in a RURAL FARMING AREA, especially dairy farming areas, in either the UK or even the EU, have not caused any contamination of that land what so ever, in those ten or so years. And, dairy farming is still continuing and the farmers are making an annual profit, with no farmers being made to close down and go out of farming.

If the EA, FSA, or HPA do not have this information, how we ask, can you insist that your incinerators do no harm to any living thing?

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