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Get ’em while they’re HOTI

Invest in HOTI Bonds to help stop incineration in the UK

As a network we frequently benefit from the efforts of fellow campaigners. One such action currently taking place is being progressed by Hull and Holderness Opposing the Incinerator (HOTI). Our brothers and sisters in Hull and Holderness are pressing hard to force the Environment Agency (EA) to fulfil legal obligations to consider the issue of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) when reviewing permit applications for waste incinerators.

If successful, HOTI’s legal action – supported by Friends of the Earth’s Rights and Justice Centre – will help reduce POPs and prevent incineration of material that could be managed in other ways so as to prevent the unintentional production of POPs.

HOTI’s case exposes the slight-of-hand by which waste planning authorities (WPAs, i.e. local authorities determining a planning application for a waste facility, e.g. an incinerator) insist it is for the EA to consider alternative technologies while at the same time the EA says this is a matter for the WPA.

HOTI Bonds
The legal process entails a Judicial Review (JR) of the EA’s decision to grant an Environmental permit to the proposed (and possibly abandoned) Salt End Incinerator requires HOTI to create a fund to cover legal expenses (should we lose). An ingenious system has been devised to create this fund: HOTI Bonds.

The mechanics of the HOTI Bond scheme are quite simple:

HOTI is selling bonds to members of the public for £50, £20 or £10 (or multiples) and paying the money into an account that is to be used solely for the purpose of covering the costs of our legal challenge.

The money will be paid back to bondholders, pro rata, when whatever costs that arise from the legal action have been met. If we win, the bondholders should see most – and possibly all – of their money back. But if we lose, the bondholders might get nothing back at all. The local paper put this in a positive way, describing the idea as an investment in the environment, where investors might get some, or even all, of their money back.

HOTI have now passed the half-way point and are more than half-way to their target!

Anyone interested in investing in HOTI Bonds can contact the UKWIN Coordinator for more details, or simply send a cheque made payable to “HOTI” to Mr. J. Dennis, 21, St. Augustine’s Gate, Hedon, Hull. HU12 8EU who will issue the bond certificate.

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