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Hull (HOTI): April 2008 Update

In this corner of the world we have Barry ‘The Yorkshire Terrier’ Robinson, who sends his apologies. Despite being made homeless by the floods, and despite planning permission and an operating license having been granted to WRG for their proposed Saltend plant, Barry and his band of HOTI warriors (Hull & Holderness Opposing the Incinerator), refused to stop fighting. As a result the planning conditions, including the famous Condition 18 which prohibits storage of hazardous waste on the site, are being reexamined and the operating license so recently granted by the Environment Agency has been withdrawn!
Barry has now turned his attention to the Local Authority’s waste strategy consultation, yielding a suitable degree of righteous indignation that promises to cause sufficient mayhem that Council workers throughout East Yorkshire will be begging to be transferred somewhere beyond Barry’s reach. Our message to them is: nowhere is safe! Spare a thought for Barry’s longsuffering wife, who wishes he’d just retire!

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