Other thermal treatments

UKWIN is developing a range of useful resources for publication on this website. While these are being progressed, you may find the following Friends of the Earth resources of use:

Dirty Truths booklet on the climate impacts of energy from waste and residual waste treatment

Up in Smoke on why Friends of the Earth opposes incineration

Note – UKWIN update on the Autoclaving briefing: It may be simpler to use the fibrous material product than FOE thought (when the Briefing was written in September 2008). The first plant Sterecycle at Rotherham has been working since July and has secured EA approval for its fibrous product to be used for land reclamation. The fraction of plastics (film that contracts into little balls) that cannot be sorted post autoclaving, is quite small and is not visually offensive as in ordinary MBT processes. We will be interested to see how the use of this material on land progresses.

Pyrolysis, gasification and plasma

And click here for a UKWIN briefing on gasification

Please feel free to leave comments on these resources, and to suggest additional resources for inclusion within the UKWIN website.

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