Pyrolysis and Gasification

Tim Hill (C.Eng., M.I.Mech E) has produced a briefing paper on Pyrolysis and Gasification for use by waste campaigners.

This briefing is intended to assist waste campaigners in mounting confident, robust, professional and effective campaigns that persuade Local Authorities (LAs) to adopt forward looking, sustainable, waste management strategies, in line with the Waste Hierarchy, that:
• Reduce consumption, maximising reuse, and then recycling.
• Change patterns of consumption and reduction so as to minimise residual waste through high recycling and the gradual withdrawal of materials that cannot be reused, recycled or composted; and
• Pass biowaste that cannot be reused or recycled, through recovery processes that are sustainable in the carbon balance (climate change) context, and are otherwise non-polluting.

A 9-page (draft) version of the Pyrolysis and Gasification Briefing, from May 2010, is available to download from:
UKWIN_Pyrolysis_and_Gasification_Briefing_Draft_May_2010.pdf [PDF]

The accompanying Appendices are available from:
Appendices_UKWIN_Pyrolysis_and_Gasification_Briefing_May_2010.pdf [PDF]

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