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This is legacy content from before the 2019 website relaunch and might not be up-to-date. Use the main navigation to find the latest information.

We’ve come up with a list of some opportunities to support the work of UKWIN by volunteering. Please look through the list below, and feel free to contact for more details, or to offer to volunteer to help in ways that we’ve missed off our list.

Please do not worry that by volunteering you are obliged to take on a major commitment. We are grateful for any support you can give. [Consideration]


UKWIN is always on the lookout for ways to raise funds to help sustain and extend the work that we can do. Help us identify (and approach) potential sources of funding.

E-Mail Shlomo to get involved and volunteer

Graphic design support

UKWIN is looking to develop promotional material, e.g. to share via social media, and we would welcome support from artists, designers and video editors to help produce graphics, documents and videos to raise awareness of UKWIN and problems with incineration.

E-Mail Shlomo to get involved and volunteer


Offer initial support to fellow campaigners and campaign groups to complement/supplement the support on offer from UKWIN Coordinators and Technical Advisors.

E-Mail Shlomo to get involved and volunteer


Work with the National Coordinators to identify active campaigners and campaign groups and contact them with an invitation to join UKWIN.

E-Mail Shlomo to get involved and volunteer


Write you own and/or ask others to write a testimonial describing the support received from UKWIN and the impact of this support. Such testimonials not only lift morale, but can be used as part of any ‘pitch’ to potential funders and patrons.

E-Mail Shlomo to get involved and volunteer