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Policy Suggestions for England’s Green Recovery

Moving Away from Incineration Towards a Circular Economy: Policy Suggestions for England’s Green Recovery (November 2020)

Action is needed to address the serious threats posed by waste incineration overcapacity, the burning of recyclable and compostable material, excess waste generation, and market failures caused by the price of incineration not reflecting its environmental and social harm.

UKWIN sets out the case for England to:

  1. Introduce an immediate moratorium on new waste incineration capacity;
  2. Phase in an escalating incineration tax to complement the landfill tax; and
  3. Adopt meaningful municipal waste reduction targets for total and residual waste.

Online Meeting for MPs, Constituents and Lords to Discuss the Policy Suggestions

  • The event will be taking place on Tuesday 8th December from 4pm.
  • It will be hosted by UKWIN and chaired by Rt Hon Dr Andrew Murrison, the Conservative MP for South West Wiltshire.
  • The meeting will feature a presentation from Shlomo Dowen of UKWIN and John Grogan, who as a Labour MP was the primary sponsor of the cross-party Early Day Motion #581 which called for a moratorium of new waste incineration capacity.