Tireless campaigner Jane Green has been busy again, this time organising a conference as part of her Coventry-based 2020 Zero Waste initiative. The event, entitled Making 2020 Zero Waste Work, will take place on Friday 9th September 2011 at the prestigious St. Mary’s Guildhall.

High profile speakers include Environment Minister Caroline Spelman and Dr. Paul Connett, Executive Director of the American Environmental Health Studies Project and representative of the International Zero Waste Network.

Event organisers link zero waste with achieving a low carbon, resource efficient, future. This vision includes the emergence of zero waste hubs that commect waste management and zero waste projects.

Zero Waste Hub diagram

Organiser and camopaigner Jane Green explains how she became involved in campaigning for zero waste:

The campaign against the waste incinerator was a wonderful success and stopped us spending £1 billion on burning half our waste for 30 years. From this a few of us decided to try to continue the momentum and develop a 2020 Zero Waste Initiative here in Coventry.

Workshop are arranged to address: Engaging the community in Zero Waste; Maximising Closed Loop Recycling of Food Waste; Accelerating the pace of industrial redesign through a Residual Research Centre; How local authorities can drive Zero Waste; and Creating a Reuse, Repair, Remanufacture and Community Park.

Those interested in attending the conference, listening to the speakers and taking part in the afternoon workshops can enrol on line at http://www.climate-change-solutions.co.uk/

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  1. May I urge all Warwickshire people who want to see a sensible recycling policy to come to this meeting. Professor Connett is an inspirational speaker and his previous talk in Coventry is also posted on this web site (as YouTube video).

    Congratulations to jane Green and the CRACIN people for following this idea through!

  2. UKWIN has received the following further information about this event:

    Come and help establish a research centre that will drive the industrial redesign we need to achieve Zero Waste.

    On Thursday 8th September, there will be a workshop to found a research centre that will examine what is left in our bins, to drive constructive debate with industry on how waste can be designed out of the products and packaging we buy.

    Hosted by Jim Hensman from BRAIN, Coventry University, the workshop will include presentations from:
    · Rossano Ercolini – director of Europe’s first Zero Waste Research Centre which has already led to significant changes in production in Italy – http://www.zerowasteeurope.eu/the-first-european-zero-waste-research-center-capannori-italy/

    · Professor Paul Connett – leading thinker on how to make Zero Waste a reality http://www.americanhealthstudies.org/zerowaste.pdf

    The workshop will be facilitated by Adam Kennerley , CEO of Cwm Harry Land Trust, who are running a pilot for the Welsh Government on how communities can achieve Zero waste in Presteigne, Wales. This project has just hit 70% recycling, and the community really want to know whywaste can’t be designed out of the products we buy day to day.

    The outcomes from the workshop will be an understanding of how the concept could best work in the UK, how it fits with other initiatives and how it could be funded.

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