According to Abby Gruen of The Star-Ledger, Covanta is being sued by Connecticut’s attorney general.

Covanta Energy, the operator of three incinerators in New Jersey, is being sued by the Connecticut State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal for emitting excessive levels of a carcinogen for the second time in three years at its incinerator in Wallingford, Connecticut in the USA.

The lawsuit was filed in August 2010 against Covanta on behalf of the state Department of Environmental Protection. The lawsuit explicitly names dioxin as the pollutant.

This is the second time the state of Connecticut has sued Covanta for exceeding emissions standards. The previous legal action was settled for $355,000 in 2009.

Paul Gilman, Covanta’s chief sustainability officer is reported as saying that the excess emissions of dioxin “were unacceptable to Covanta.” He said the emissions problem was caused by a failure of a system in one of the plant’s three generating units that inject carbon into emissions before they leave the plant’s smokestacks.

It is understood that the Wallingford incinerator has been shut down since 2nd July 2010 when Covanta noticed the excess dioxin emissions.

According to the New Jersey-based website:

Covanta operates waste-to-energy plants in Newark, Oxford and Rahway. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is currently reviewing an air operating permit for the Covanta waste-to-energy plant in Newark’s Ironbound neighborhood in Essex County. The plant has a long history of pollution violations. A DEP spokeswoman said the decision to renew the permit is still under consideration.

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