The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued a comprehensive complaint against Covanta Energy and all of its U.S. subsidiaries alleging numerous violations of federal labor law, leaders of Utility Workers Union of America Local 369 announced today.

The complaint, issued on June 30 by NLRB Region 1 in Boston, consolidates an earlier complaint previously issued by the Board against illegal work rules in Covanta handbooks at all of its U.S. facilities. The new complaint also charges that Covanta committed numerous other unfair labor practices at its SEMASS facility in West Wareham, Mass. Local 369 represents workers at the SEMASS plant, and has been challenging illegal conduct by the company in the Union’s efforts to win a first contract for workers there.

“The Board’s action confirms our first-hand experience that Covanta is a rogue employer with no respect for the rights of its employees,” stated Gary P. Sullivan, President of Local 369. “This is another step in our continuing struggle to win justice for these workers.”

The complaint charges numerous illegal actions by Covanta at the SEMASS plant, including by withholding performance bonuses, safety bonuses, and annual wage increases because workers voted for the Union in an NLRB election last year. The complaint charges that Covanta withheld the payments earlier this year because employees “formed, joined, or assisted the Union and engaged in concerted activities, and to discourage employees from engaging in these activities.”

The complaint also charges that Covanta refused to allow a union steward to serve on another employee’s “Peer Review Committee” because he was a steward; announced that Covanta would refuse to meet until the Union ceased publicizing the labor dispute at SEMASS; changed work rules and employee health insurance without negotiating with the Union; refused to provide information necessary for the Union to represent employees; and engaged in other illegal conduct.

The Board’s action consolidates an earlier NLRB complaint charging Covanta with maintaining illegal rules in three different versions of its employee handbook at all of its facilities in the U.S.

UWUA Local 369 represents over 3,000 employees in the utility, energy, and related industries across Massachusetts, and is affiliated with the Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO. The NLRB complaint is available at

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