Sincere thanks to Becky Slater (Friends of the Earth) for calling my attention to the list of UK AD plants available from: and thanks of course also to those at Anaerobic Digestion DotCom who complied the list.

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AD Plants in England and Wales
Municipal and Farm Based AP Plants

Some authorities are known to have opted for anaerobic digestion as part of their strategy already.

The Anaerobic Digestion Plants Anaerobic Digestion DotCom knows about are:-

1. Devon County Council – Holsworthy, Devon; Technology provider Biotech Energy Ltd (Germany), operated by Summerleaze (Andigestion Ltd). Feed is cattle, pig and poultry manure, organic food, waste. (ABP 3) 2.1 MW Power output. Operational and large scale plant.
2. Wanlip Leicester as part of a Biffa MRF. Operated by Severn Trent Water (BIFFA). Accepts biodegradable Municipal Waste. 1.5 MW potential power output. Operational large scale plant Approx. 35,000 tpa.
3. Woking Council, Surrey – Preliminary pre-contract discussions
4. South Shropshire Council, DEFRA Waste Technologies Demonstrator Project. Greenfinch are now operating this part DEFRA funded Waste Technology Demonstrator Plant, in Ludlow, Shropshire.
5. Longstock, Hampshire – Technology provider is Bioplex Ltd and operator is also Bioplex Ltd. Feed is agricultural residues and animal waste slurries. The throughput is about 1,500 tpa
6. Milton Ernest, Bedfordshire – Biogen technology plant operated by Bedfordia Farms Ltd. Accepts Food waste (ABP 2+3) Operational plant with a reported throughput of 42,000 tpa
7. Rushden (Westwood), Northamptonshire CC, Biogen BiogenFood waste1.5 MW, Under development 41,000 tpa
8. Wareham, Dorset – In-vessel composting Operator Sita Feed will be Bio-waste. this plant is under development
9. South East London – Operator would be Veolia – Food waste. thought to be at feasibility study stage.
10. Doncaster, South Yorkshire – Initial stages.
11. Honiton – Otter Rotters Ltd
12. Elgin – Integrated Bio-Gen Ltd – early stages
13. Biogen Plant, Twinwoods, Bedfordshire. Technology provided by Integrated bio-Gen Ltd
14. Bank Farm – Operated by Clive Pugh (Private Ind.) 790 m3 Operational plant
15. Eye Airfield, Eye, Suffolk – 1.05 MW. Not yet built, but fully consented
16. Dimmer – Wyvern Waste Services Ltd, 3 MW. – Not yet built, but fully consented
17. Lowe Farm – 0.5 MW – Not yet built, but fully consented
18. Longstock, Hampshire – Operator Bioplex Ltd. Technology Bioplex Demo Plant 0.0075 MW. Currently operating
19. Horsington, Somerset – Technology provider was Organic Power and so is Operator. this is a demo plant
20. Cambridge Research Park – Operator Summerleaze, and technology also by Summerleaze. Research Facility – 300 m3 – Operational
21. Swang Farm, near Bridgwater, Somerset. Operator Tim Roe (MD) Cannington Cold Stores
22. Sandford, Whitchurch, Shropshire; Lower College Poultry Farm
23. Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority, North Manchester plant – Enpure Ltd – Greater Manchester
24. Greater Manchester, Bredbury Parkway; plant by Enpure Ltd -MSW – Under development
25. Leicestershire CC (Estates Dept) – Feasibility study for a central AD Plant
26. Stockport, Manchester – Design by Greenfinch Ltd. Operation to be by Fairfield Ltd.
27. Update October 2008
28. GR Lancashire UR-3R process- 2 plants under construction Leyland and Thornton
29. Biffa/ Clarke, West Sussex, Hasse process, 1 facility at preferred bidder
30. SRM/NEWS Norfolk CC Contract A AMBT with Dranco/OWS AD process near Final Closure
31. Oaktech, Glendale /Falkirk, Arrowbio process 1 facility under construction Thanks to Rob W

Also, the proposed AD facility for Driffield, East Yorkshire

AD Plants Scotland
Scottish Executive Programme Sites

A number of small farm digesters have been installed under the Scottish Executive programme the prime driver for installing these subsidised plants was for public health reasons, to reduce organically contaminated stormwater run-off from these farms into watercourses which led to improved bathing beach standards on nearby Solway Firth bathing beaches.

These plants were on farm sites for example at Sorbie, Saltcoats, Ayrshire; Meikle Laught, Knockrivoch, Saltcoats, Ayrshire; Corsock, Dalbeattie; Southwick, Dumfries. The installer and designer was Greenfinch Technology. The feedstock comprises sheep and cattle manure and slurries The sizes vary up to 480 m3. These plants are operated by each farm and are currently operating now and are small scale plants.

Municipal Solid Waste AD Plants
Isle of Lewis, Western Isles

Under the Western Isles Integrated Waste Management Facility, PFI Contract awarded to Earthtech, a Linde Technology designed plant is under construction. The plant will be fed by Biodegradable Municipal Waste.

Farm/Central AD Plants

The following feasibility studies are thought to be underway:-

* Isle of Mull – Animal slurry
* Isle of Bute – Animal slurry, dairy waste
* Island of Westray – Orkney; Ris Energy Feedstock will be animal slurry, and fish waste 0.024 MW. Not yet built, but fully consented

Municipal Solid Waste AD Plants

Cumbernauld, Glasgow; HBS and Monsal, project in progress for operator Scottish Water Waste Services, feed will be food waste and it is planned to have a throughput of approximately 30,000 tpa.

Turriff plant, operated by John Rennie & Son Ltd 30.95 MW. this plant is Operational.

Wastewater Biosolids AD Plants

Visit our page on Monsal Anaerobic Digestion for information about UK AD Plants which digest the sludge produced by sewage treatment works, and in particular activated sludge from the activated sludge process used at many sewage (wastewater) treatment works.

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  1. I’m glad at the base I’m credited by this excellent website for for supplying the 2008 update; not No30 SRM, Norfolk has been cancelled by Norfolk CC, due to “macro-economic” the technology works really well, but exchange rates increased the CAPEX by 50%

  2. You may want to add our project to your list at Selby Renewable Energy Park.

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