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This is legacy content from before the 2019 website relaunch and might not be up-to-date. Use the main navigation to find the latest information.

Founded in March 2007, UKWIN’s role is to help individuals and groups to develop the case against incineration, and in doing so support the UK-wide movement in favour of more sustainable waste management. UKWIN is dedicated to helping local groups and individuals campaigning to prevent the building, expansion or ongoing operation of incinerators anywhere in the UK.

UKWIN seeks to act as an umbrella organisation and first point of contact for local community groups and members of the public who are interested in learning about and sharing learning regarding sustainable waste management.

The support on offer includes:

  • Responding to questions from UKWIN members, journalists, and the general public, and providing help with forming and managing community-based anti-incineration campaign groups;
  • Sharing fact-based resources on incineration, and signposting to information about sustainable alternatives to incineration;
  • Acting as a first point of contact, including website non-website contact facilities, for people and organisations enquiring about issues in connection with waste incineration;
  • Cooperating, and in some instances working in partnership, with other environmental charities and public-benefit organisations;
  • Enriching the culture of the anti-incineration community, facilitating access to information, sharing really useful knowledge, avoiding duplication and the squandering of limited campaign resources (of time and money), thus benefiting from synergies to make the sum total of local anti-incineration campaigns greater than the sum of their parts; and
  • Being a national voice for the strong feelings and reasoned arguments advanced by our members.

UKWIN is a Network of groups and individuals who oppose the incineration of waste, and who promote alternative, sustainable methods of waste management, and seek to influence public policy and practice accordingly.