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Information for Northacre Renewable Energy Centre, Stephenson Road, Northacre Trading Estate, Westbury

Status: Potential
Planning Region: South West
Planning Sub-Region: Wiltshire
Operator: Northacre Renewable Energy Ltd (Hills Group) / Chinook Sciences
Capacity: 160,000
Campaign Group(s): North Wiltshire FoE and Westbury Gasification Action Group and South West Wiltshire Green Party

Notes: Initially proposed to use ENERGOS gasification technology (Source), but the final form of gasification technology has yet to be announced. Planning application for a gasification plant approved in June 2019 (ref 18/09473/WCM) with both R1 and Climate Change planning conditions. Planning application for previous scheme submitted in June 2016 [S/16/1055] and refused in September 2017 [Source] and subsequently appealed in February 2018 (Appeal Ref. 3215579). The appeal was withdrawn in August 2019 after the other planning consent had been issued. No environmental permit application submitted as of 22 August 2019. Not to be confused with the Honda plant at the same industrial estate. (Entry updated 2019-11-22)

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