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Incinerator information library

Information for Ferrybridge Multifuel Facility 1 (FM1), near Ferrybridge C power station, Knottingley

Status: Existing
Planning Region: Yorkshire & the Humber
Planning Sub-Region: West Yorkshire
Operator: Multifuel Energy Ltd (comprising SSE and Wheelabrator)
Capacity: 675,000
Campaign Group(s): ?
Notes: FM1 is intended to treat a variety of waste-derived fuel. The facility was granted planning permission in October 2011 and received its first delivery in March 2015, and in July 2015 "entered full commercial operation" [Source, Source, Source]. There are contracts in place to send LACW-derived RDF from Hull [Source]; Derby (15,000 tpa of RDF); Wakefield [Source]; Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham [Source]; Cheshire West and Chester [Source, Source], Wigan [Source] and Bradford (150ktpa of waste) [Source]. Not to be confused with FM2, which is being proposed next to FM1. Tonnes burned: 350,959 (2015); 632 ktpa (2017); 647 ktpa (2018). (Entry updated 2019-06-06)

Initial applications received for R1 status: 17 June 2019 (Environment Agency)

Uses data from released by the Environment Agency under the Open Government License

PermitOperatorInstallation nameInstallation addressPermit statusWaste input (000s tonnes per annum)Incinerator typeCalculated R1 valueApplication R1 status grantedSource of data used in R1 calculationsDate R1 application status granted
SP3239FUFerrybridge MFE LimitedFerrybridge Multuifuel FacilityFerrybridge 'C' Power Station, Stranglands Lane, PO Box 39, Knottingley, West Yorkshire, WF11 8SQ,Permit issued675Municipal waste0.85YesDesign7/29/2015

Waste management for England 2018: Operational (Environment Agency)

Uses data from Waste Data Interrogator 2018 - 2018 Waste Summary Tables for England - Version 2 released by the Environment Agency under the Open Government License

PermitDate PermittedOperator NameSite NameSite AddressFormer Planning RegionFormer Planning Sub-RegionEA AreaTypePermitted Capacity (tonnage)Tonnage Incinerated in 2006Tonnage Incinerated in 2007Tonnage Incinerated in 2008Tonnage Incinerated in 2009Tonnage Incinerated in 2010Tonnage Incinerated in 2011Tonnage Incinerated in 2012Tonnage Incinerated in 2013Tonnage Incinerated in 2014Tonnage Incinerated in 2015Tonnage Incinerated in 2016Tonnage Incinerated in 2017Tonnage Incinerated in 2018Comment
SP3239FU30/11/2012Ferrybridge MFE LimitedFerrybridge Multifuel PlantFerrybridge 'C' Power Station,Stranglands Lane,PO Box 39,Ferrybridge,Knottingley,West Yorkshire WF11 8SQYorkshire & the HumberWest YorkshireYorkshireMunicipal and/or Industrial & Commercial675,000---------350,959573035 631515 647,085

Environment Agency 2018 Pollution Inventory: Substances

Uses data from the Pollution Inventory 2018 released by the Environment Agency under a special license

SP3239FUYorkshireAirNitrous oxide1000010,299.90EfWEfW
SP3239FUYorkshireAirNitrogen oxides (NO and NO2) as NO2100000654,384.70EfWEfW
SP3239FUYorkshireAirChlorine and inorganic chlorine compounds - as HCl1000017,326.70EfWEfW
SP3239FUYorkshireAirFluorine and inorganic fluorine compounds - as HF10001,551.90EfWEfW
SP3239FUYorkshireAirParticulate matter - PM1010005,835.50EfWEfW
SP3239FUYorkshireAirDioxins and furans (PCDDs/PCDFs) - as ITEQ0.000010EfWEfW
SP3239FUYorkshireAirParticulate matter - PM2.510005,835.50EfWEfW
SP3239FUYorkshireAirDioxins and furans (PCDDs/PCDFs) - as WHO TEQ0.000010EfWEfW
SP3239FUYorkshireAirCarbon dioxide100000001,059,103,600.00EfWEfW

Annual Performance Report files: