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Incinerator information library

Information for Kingswood Lakeside Business Park, Cannock, Staffordshire

Status: Prevented
Planning Region: West Midlands
Planning Sub-Region: Staffordshire
Operator: Biffa
Capacity: 400,000
Campaign Group(s): Group currently being formed. Contact to be put in touch with those opposing this development
Notes: Planning application submitted September 2010 [See application, See application, See subsequent ’response document’]. Planning permission was refused in September 2011. This follows a previous determination that the planning application should be approved which was reconsidered on the basis of legal advice that an offer by Biffa of funds to spend on community activities could not be taken into account as a material planning consideration. Biffa did not subsequently appeal this refusal, and have not announced any plans to re-apply [Source, Source, Source]. The incinerator was advertised as being for C&I although Biffa state that the "facility would also be able to accept... municipal solid waste" [Source]. (Entry updated 2012-05-21)