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Information for A725, Whistleberry Road, Hamilton

Status: Prevented
Planning Region: Scotland
Planning Sub-Region: South Lanarkshire
Operator: Clean Power Properties, and possibly Biomass Power Ltd and Bouygues (UK) LTD
Capacity: 195,000 (biomas-rich RDF and unsorted MSW)
Campaign Group(s): Hamilton Energy Recovery Action Group (HERAG), Bothwell Road Action Group (BRAG) and Green Alternatives to Incineration in Scotland (GAINS)
Notes: In June 2019 it was reported that Clean Power Properties withdrew their appeal for the revised planning application [Source]. While there technically remains an extant planning permission for the site, it is not expected that this will be implemented. Planning Application submitted in June 2017 to increase stack height from 25 metres to 90 metres [HM/17/0260], with intention stated to use Biomass Power Limited gasification technogy. Previous proposal grantined planning permision on appeal in August 2015 [See appeal Ref PPA-380-2049]. That was a proposed pyrolysis-type incinerator (8MW Advanced Combustion Technology Facility) intended to treat "Mixed Source Waste (MSW) and Commercial and Industrial (C&I)" [Source]. Planning application submitted in October 2013 and refused in May 2014, but this was successfully appealed in August 2014 [See Application ref HM/13/0432]. In June 2018 planning application HM/17/0260 was refused planning permission for a second time[Source], and the applicant lodged an appeal in October 2018 [Source]. (Entry updated 2019-06-06)

Plume Plotter entry for Whistleberry

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