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Incinerator information library

Information for WP2 Pyrolysis Plant, Old Railway Yard, Haybridge

Status: Prevented
Planning Region: South West
Planning Sub-Region: Somerset
Operator: WP2 Ltd / More Energy (Wells) Limited
Capacity: 45,000
Campaign Group(s): Wells Environmental Protection Group
Notes: Pyrolysis-type incinerator granted planning permission in April 2007 and a permit in April 2009, but as of March 2012 construction has not begun and it is possible that the project will never move forwards [Source, Source]. In July 2011 WP2 stated that: "There are still technical glitches. We haven’t got completion to our search for technology that will be reliable. Sadly, the scaling up of the technology has not been successful, which means we haven’t been in a position to commit funds to developing the technology further" [Source]. It was reported in April 2015 that whilst the facility had not been developed they had technically started construction meanng the planning consent was still valid [Sorce] (Entry updated 2016-11-08)