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Information for Bilsthorpe Energy Centre, Bilsthorpe Business Park / Former Bilsthorpe Colliery, Eakring Road, Bilsthorpe

Status: Prevented
Planning Region: East Midlands
Planning Sub-Region: Nottinghamshire
Operator: Peel Environmental / Harworth Estates (HEPGL ) (50/50 Joint Venture) & Waste2Tricity (technology supplier)
Capacity: 97,000
Campaign Group(s): Residents Against Gasification Experiment (RAGE)
Notes: Planning application for Westinghouse plasma gasification plant approved by Secretary of State in June 2016 (See Decision Notice). Whilst the local authority were originally in favour of the application, they withdrew their support when the Tees Valley Plant that used the same gasification technology and syngas cleaning system was abandoned by Air Products. The Applicant has stated that they do not know what went wrong at Tees Valley and so are not proposing any measures to ensure the problems would not be repeated at Bilsthorpe. Planning application for facility intended to burn household, commercial and industrial waste submitted December 2013 [See application, ref ES/2950]. In November 2019 the Environment Agency confirmed that no permit application had been received and that "contact with the operator...[had] ceased". (Entry updated 2019-11-22)

Initial applications received for R1 status: 17 June 2019 (Environment Agency)

Uses data from released by the Environment Agency under the Open Government License

PermitOperatorInstallation nameInstallation addressPermit statusWaste input (000s tonnes per annum)Incinerator typeCalculated R1 valueApplication R1 status grantedSource of data used in R1 calculationsDate R1 application status granted
PP3639RJPeel EnvironmentalBilsthorpe Renewable Energy CentreBilsthorpe Business Park, Eakring Road, Bilsthorpe, Nottinghmashire NG22 8STPre-application95Municipal waste0.68YesDesign10/14/2015

Planning Consent files: