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Incinerator information library

Information for Willowbrook East Industrial Estate, Shelton Road, Corby

Status: Prevented
Planning Region: East Midlands
Planning Sub-Region: Northamptonshire
Operator: Clean Power Properties, Biomass Power Ltd and Bouygues (UK) LTD
Capacity: 195,000
Campaign Group(s): Campaign Against the Resource Recovery Park (CARRP)
Notes: Planning permission granted in September 2016 (with Design Stage R1 planning condition). Planning application submitted June 2016 for gasification plant intended to treat 150ktpa biomass-rich RDF and 45ktpa unsorted MSW (16/00028/WASFUL). The technology is claimed to be the same Biomass Power Ltd technology proposed for Hoddesdon, and the operator might be Bouygues (UK) Ltd as at Hoddesdon (in line with the non-material amendment application). Non-material amendment application to change technology from pyrolysis to gasification withdrawn in May 2016 after being called-in (PINS ref 3143431). Planning application for previously proposed pyrolysis plant submitted August 2013, and consented February 2014 [13/00079/WASFUL]. Listed as abandoned in BEIS database entry from August 2016 [Source]. Not to be confused with the potential incinerator proposed Corby Ltd. In November 2019 the Environment Agency confirmed that no permit application had been received and that "contact with the operator...[had] ceased". (Entry updated 2019-11-22)

Initial applications received for R1 status: 17 June 2019 (Environment Agency)

Uses data from released by the Environment Agency under the Open Government License

PermitOperatorInstallation nameInstallation addressPermit statusWaste input (000s tonnes per annum)Incinerator typeCalculated R1 valueApplication R1 status grantedSource of data used in R1 calculationsDate R1 application status granted
PP3534DDClean Power PropertiesCorby ERFShelton Road, Willowbrook East Industrial Estate, CorbyPre-application140Municipal waste0.78YesDesign10/14/2016