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Incinerator information library

Information for Magnetic Park Energy Centre, Magnetic Park, Desborough, Kettering

Status: Prevented
Planning Region: East Midlands
Planning Sub-Region: Northamptonshire
Operator: Origin Renewable Energy
Capacity: 96,000
Campaign Group(s): Fresh Air Desborough
Notes: Proposal was for a gasification-type incinerator, with the intention to use ENERGOS technology. The application site was put up for sale in July 2014, and according to local campaigners and the land agent it is highly unlikely that the new owners will want to build an incinerator. Planning permission granted on the 13th of March 2013 [Source]. According to the applicant the facility "would accept a variety of non-hazardous waste comprising primarily commercial & industrial waste, but will also be capable of accepting municipal / household waste (MSW)" [Source, Source]. (Entry updated 2015-08-06)