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Incinerator information library

Information for Westbridge Depot, James Mill Road

Status: Prevented
Planning Region: East Midlands
Planning Sub-Region: Northampton
Operator: Northampton Borough Council (contractor) / Joint venture between Northamptonshire-based Rolton Group (Rolton Kilbride) and Caring Community Energy Company
Capacity: 200,000 (RDF)
Campaign Group(s): Northampton Green Party and ’No Incinerator in St James’ / No Monster Incineration in Northampton
Notes: In was reported in May 2016 that Rolton Kilbride have delayed their planning application by up to several months [Source]. In November 2014 Northampton Borough Council’s Cabinet voted to sell an option on the land for use as a gasification plant [Source, Source, Source]. It is possible that Northampton Borough Council may decide not to sell the site to Rolton Kilbride which could result in a different site being proposed [Source]. Scoping consultation undertaken by Northamptonshire County Council in April 2016, and is proposed to use the Japanese Kobelco Eco-Solutions fluidised bed gasification technology proposed for WandE [Source] (16/00001/SCO). (Entry updated 2016-09-15)