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Incinerator information library

Information for Seamer Carr Landfill Site, Nr. Scarborough

Status: Prevented
Planning Region: Yorkshire & the Humber
Planning Sub-Region: North Yorkshire
Operator: Scarborough Power Limited (Yorwaste, GEM and BB Newco)
Capacity: 12,000-25,000
Campaign Group(s): NYWAG
Notes: RDF-burning flash pyrolysis system gasification-type incinerator granted planning permission in July 2007, with constructioned completed in December 2008. Operated as part of a Defra demonstrator programme in January-March 2009 [Source, Source, Source]. Scarborough Power has experienced cashflow problems and plans to expand the facility are currently were dropped, presumably as the facility did not seem to be commercially viable [Source]. (Entry updated 2015-02-26)