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Information for Land At Former Shanks & McEwan Site, 251 Glasgow And Edinburgh Road, Coatbridge (Carnbroe)

Status: Potential
Planning Region: Scotland
Planning Sub-Region: North Lanarkshire
Operator: North Lanarkshire Bio Power Limited / CoGen (previously involved Shore Energy owned by Simon Howie)
Capacity: 256,000
Campaign Group(s): Monklands Residents against Pyrolysis Plant (MRAPP) (Facebook), Communities Against Toxics Scotland (CATsScotland) and Greengairs Community Council and Green Alternatives to Incineration in Scotland (GAINS)
Notes: In September 2017 a variation to increase capacity was made (ref 17/01578/AMD) to vary planning permission 15/01820/AMD. The original planning permission granted on appeal in May 2011 [Source]. At the time it was stated that: "The pyrolysis process will comprise two units each with the capacity to process up to 40,000 tonnes per annum of fuel" [Source: Environmental Statement, Non-technical Summary]. In August 2015 an application was made to vary the technology (from pyrolysis to gasification), double the capacity and replace front-end recycling with back-end recycling (ref. 15/01820/AMD). In February 2018 an attempt was made to increase the dry capacity by 24,000 tonnes to 204,000 dry tonnes - this was refused planning permission in April 2018 and the matter was appealed in May 2018 (ref. 18/00180/AMD). It was announced in September 2018 that Scottish Ministers confirmed the need for an Environmental Impact Assessment. (Entry updated 2019-03-13)

Plume Plotter entry for Coatbridge

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