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Incinerator information library

Information for Oldhall West Industrial Estate, Murdoch Place, Irvine (West of Glasgow)

Status: Potential
Planning Region: Scotland
Planning Sub-Region: North Ayrshire
Operator: Doveyard Limited (a joint venture between Waste Energy Partners and Low Carbon Limited)
Capacity: 180,000
Campaign Group(s): Communities Against Toxics Scotland (CATsScotland)
Notes: Planning permission for a 120ktpa gasification unit granted in August 2007 but may have lapsed. With the collapse of Energos the threat seemed to be lifted. However, in January 2018 Lowmac purchased the site and announced that they were looking for a partner to develop an incinerator [Source]. While Lowmac owns the site, the use of the site for an incinerator is being promoted by Dovetail who run consultation events in May and June 2019 [Source>]. (Entry updated 2019-11-22)