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Incinerator information library

Information for Unit 4, Symondscliff Way, Severn Bridge Industrial Estate, Portskewett

Status: Prevented
Planning Region: Wales
Planning Sub-Region: Monmouthshire
Operator: DPS Process Solutions Limited
Capacity: 20,000 (e.g. old non-metal car parts, medical waste)
Campaign Group(s): STOP (Severnside Together Opposing Pollution).
Notes: Planning application published in June 2017 and refused by Monmouthshire County Council in April 2018 [DC/2017/00700]. It was advertised to be an experimental plant to treat various waste streams through pyrolysis, starting with Automotive Shredder Residue, starting at 2,600tpa and moving up to 20,000tpa. Technology proposed as a "gasification/pyrolysis/oxidation". Natural Resources Wales said in July 2017 that "From the information submitted in support of this application, it appears that the proposal would be classed as a Small Waste Incineration Plant, regulated and permitted by the Local Authority". It was reported in April 2018 that DPS had gone into administration in March 2018 (Source) (Entry updated 2018-04-13)

Plume Plotter entry for Portskewett

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