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Incinerator information library

Information for EnergyPark Sutton Bridge, Centenary Way (Wingland), Sutton Bridge, South Holland

Status: Prevented
Planning Region: East Midlands
Planning Sub-Region: Lincolnshire
Operator: Pacific Green Technologies (PGTK) (through the acquisition of Pacific Green Energy Parks / Peterborough Renewable Energy Ltd (PREL))
Capacity: 420,000
Campaign Group(s): Bridge Against The Incinerator (BATI) and Wash and Sutton Bridge Protection Group (WAPSG). Contact to be put in touch with those opposing this development.
Notes: Revised application submitted in June 2014 and refused in March 2015 [Ref H18-0723-12/A3] following a previous decision to grant planning permission being quashed due to legal deficiencies in the consent [Source]. Gasification-type incinerator was proposed to use a primarily wood-based biomass fuel including waste wood, intended to handle "circa 350,000 tons of feedstock / biomass per annum", but was subsequently modified to solely burn virgin wood and waste wood and to increase the capacity [Source, Source, Source, See planning application]. In March 2016 local campaigners called for the site to be protected from incineration in the Local Plan (Source). (Entry updated 2016-03-15)