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Incinerator information library

Information for Green Lane Eco Park, off Green Lane, Salford

Status: Prevented
Planning Region: North West
Planning Sub-Region: Greater Manchester
Operator: Sky Properties / Energos
Capacity: 80,000
Campaign Group(s): Say No to Green Lane Incinerator
Notes: Gasification-type incinerator that was intended for C&I waste from the Greater Manchester area. Application was refused planning permission in June 2011 and the appeal was dismissed in August 2012, with the Inspector stating that the proposal "would not represent sustainable development" [Source]. The Inspector’s decision was legally challenged by the applicant, but this challenge was withdrawn by Sky Properties in May 2013 [Source, Source]. Planning permission for 140 homes on the site was granted in November 2013 [Source, Source]. (Entry updated 2014-04-03)

Planning Refusal files: