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Incinerator information library

Information for East London Sustainable Energy Facility, Ford Motor Company Complex, Frog Island (near the Fairview Industrial Estate, Rainham)

Status: Prevented
Planning Region: London
Planning Sub-Region: East London
Operator: Biossence
Capacity: 130,000
Campaign Group(s): Contact to be put in touch with those opposing this development.
Notes: The pyrolysis/gasification-type incinerator was granted planning permission in September 2006 with a variation being granted planning permission in August 2010. An extension to the time limit was applied for in April 2011. The "East London Sustainable Energy Facility" was intended to burn Solid Recovered Fuels from municipal from the East London Waste Authority [Source]. Gasification plant to be permitted to burn SRF (from municipal waste). See Defra description of this project from page 52 of New Technologies Demonstrator Programme Catalogue of Applications. Biossence entered administration in March 2014, and the site was sold for use as a depot [Source, Source]. Permit MP3537SN issued. Listed as abandoned as of July 2015 in BEIS database [Source].(Entry updated 2017-01-18)

Waste management for England 2018: Pre-operational (Environment Agency)

Uses data from Waste Data Interrogator 2018 - 2018 Waste Summary Tables for England - Version 2 released by the Environment Agency under the Open Government License

PermitOperator NameSite NameSite AddressFormer Planning RegionFormer Planning Sub-RegionEA AreaTypePermitted Capacity (tonnes)Tonnage Incinerated in 2006Tonnage Incinerated in 2007Tonnage Incinerated in 2008Tonnage Incinerated in 2009Tonnage Incinerated in 2010Tonnage Incinerated in 2011Tonnage Incinerated in 2012Tonnage Incinerated in 2013Tonnage Incinerated in 2014Tonnage Incinerated in 2015Tonnage Incinerated in 2016Tonnage Incinerated in 2017Tonnage Incinerated in 2018Comment
MP3537SNNovera Ventures LtdEast LondonFord Motor Company Complex, Frog Island, Rainham, East London, RM9 6QDLondonEast LondonHertfordshire and North LondonMunicipal and/or Industrial & Commercial105,000-------------

UKWIN (and therefore the UKWIN map) focuses on Municipal Waste Incinerators, whereas our colleagues at Biofuelwatch focus on biomass projects. If you are interested in waste wood or dedicated biomass incinerators then please see the Biofuelwatch map of UK Biomass Power Stations.

Please be aware: There is always room for improvement, so please send updates to Existing Incinerator means a facility that is operational or under construction/commissioning. A Potential Incinerator is a facility where there is a proposal for an incinerator (e.g. planning application or planning consent) or other reason to believe an incinerator might be built/proposed in the future. A Prevented Incinerator is something which used to be a proposal or expected incinerator which we do not believe is currently being progressed (e.g. because the project was cancelled, planning permission refused, or years have gone by since the permission was granted without any progress) - in some cases a facility marked as prevented is being progressed without us being aware or is subsequently revived. Capacity is usually the permitted or maximum advertised capacity of the facility.