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Incinerator information library

Information for Dargavel Stores, Lockerbie Road, Dumfries

Status: Potential
Planning Region: Scotland
Planning Sub-Region: Dumfrieshire
Operator: Originally Scotgen (now in administation), but may be Rank Recyling Scotland
Capacity: 150,000
Campaign Group(s): Communities Against Toxics Scotland (CATsScotland) and Green Alternatives to Incineration in Scotland (GAINS)
Notes: The potential remains for this constructed Gasification-type incinerator that never went beyond commissioning phase to come back. The facility was gutted by a fire in July 2013 [
Source]. Despite reports in the Spring 2014 about the new owner (Rank Recycling Scotland) potentially applying for a new permit to operate the plant, there have been no indiciations that this is seriously being pursued [Source]. "A [permit] revocation notice was issued by Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)... after the facility consistently failed to meet any reasonable expectation of environmental performance" [Source, Source]. The plant experienced "a string of problems" since it opened in August 2009 and never produced any energy [Source]. In 2010 SEPA named the plant as having one of the 20 worst compliance records in Scotland [Source, Source]. According to a June 2013 SEPA report: "Since installation of the new boilers there have been several serious incidents during which SEPA either used its regulatory powers to require the plant to close, or the Operator voluntarily initiated plant closure" [Source]. (Entry updated 2015-12-09)

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Please be aware: There is always room for improvement, so please send updates to Existing Incinerator means a facility that is operational or under construction/commissioning. A Potential Incinerator is a facility where there is a proposal for an incinerator (e.g. planning application or planning consent) or other reason to believe an incinerator might be built/proposed in the future. A Prevented Incinerator is something which used to be a proposal or expected incinerator which we do not believe is currently being progressed (e.g. because the project was cancelled, planning permission refused, or years have gone by since the permission was granted without any progress) - in some cases a facility marked as prevented is being progressed without us being aware or is subsequently revived. Capacity is usually the permitted or maximum advertised capacity of the facility.